You asked, we answered.




Q : How do I store it in humid places?


A: If you live in a humid climate, please take extra care to dry your brush after use and place it in a dry, well-ventilated area. 




Q : The wood changes colour slightly over time?



A : It is normal that the bamboo changes colour slightly over time with frequent use. Just a sign of a well-loved TU BRUSH.




Q : What is the best Care & Disposal method to use?



A : To dispose of your TU BRUSH™, you may throw it into the bin, a recycle bin, or remove the bristles and bury the handle in the soil for decomposing. 




Q : How can I up-cycle my used TU BRUSH™?



A : If your TU BRUSH™ has worn out, we encourage you to up-cycle it by using it as a household cleaning brush for grout in your shower, tough stains in your oven, hard to reach tiny window ledges or simply use it to gently scrub stains out of your clothing during laundry. We encourage you to label the handle of your used TU BRUSH™ to show what it has been up-cycled for. Example: 'Scrubbing'



Q : How do I store my TU BRUSH™ after use?



A : To store your TU BRUSH™, you may choose to place it upright in a dry glass cup or let it stand by itself to air dry. Do towel dry your TU BRUSH to ensure the bamboo stays dry throughout the day. 



Q : I want to return my TU BRUSH™ and get a refund?



A: If for any reason at all that you do not like your TU BRUSH™, you may return it and we will refund 100% of your money. You only have to bear the shipping costs incurred when returning it to us. All items returned should be returned in its original packaging and condition when you first receive it.


You have 7 days upon receiving TU BRUSH™ to email us at regarding Returns.


If 7 days have lapsed, we will not be accepting returns. 


Q : What's your Customer Care & Warranty?


A : Your TU BRUSH™ is warrantied against manufacturing defects for 7 days


In the rare event that you received a brush with a defect, please email us within 7 days of receiving your product at  , we will do a 1 for 1 replacement for you at no cost


Due to hygiene purposes, TU BRUSH™ never resells any returned goods. They are disposed in a recycling facility.





Q : Why are our shipping materials so premium?



A : Our commitment to sustainability is in our design thinking. We support sustainability by using a reusable bag as part of our shipping material. You can use it later as a bag divider or storage bag for your daily essentials. 





Q : Do you offer free international shipping?


A : Yes we offer free international shipping for orders above $100.




Q : How do you ship internationally?


A : For international orders, we will ship using Airmail registered courier delivered to your home or office. You will be given a tracking number to track your purchase.





Q : Does your brush have the relevant certifications?


A : Yes, TU BRUSH™ is FDA certified and our bristles are BPA Free. Our packaging are FSC certified & have passed the Loreal audit. 





Q: Are your packaging boxes eco-friendly?



A : Yes, all our packaging boxes are eco-friendly. They are either made up of post-consumer recycled paper or they come from an FSC-certified forest, where you can be sure it’s been made from responsible sources. FSC certification helps forests remain thriving environments for generations to come. A lot of care and attention has been given to the design and packaging. We hope you will reuse our packaging for your other storage needs





Q: Are the bristles biodegradable?



A : Currently there are no 100% bio-degradable brush bristles in the market. TU BRUSH™ constantly innovates and we will change to those once its available. For now, 100% of your brush handle is bio-degradable. You may refer to our Care & Disposal Section on this page to learn how to properly dispose of your brush if you wish to return it back to the soil