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(plural noun)

People who care about having a better Earth & a better life for everyone.

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The Tǔ Philosophy

Tǔ means Earth in Chinese.

Inspired by the story of the resilient Chinese bamboo tree, we designed the TU BRUSH™.

A pun intended for the toothbrush, TU BRUSH™ literally means Earth Brush.

The world's first & only eco-luxe bamboo toothbrush that's great for our Earth, made from our Earth.







This brush isn't like an ordinary brush.


I've used everything from the standard brush to electric to a $400 toothbrush & nothing compares to a TU BRUSH!

- Niki Crow


Beauty Influencer & Reviewer

An eco-luxury experience so exquisite, it's befitting of royalty


Not all bamboo toothbrushes in the world are made equal

We place a huge emphasis on quality as we 

understand the importance of what is being put into our mouths

We strictly work with partners that have the following certifications:









"We have been trying for years at home to reduce the use of plastic things to protect the environment and avoid worsening the current situation of pollution in the world, that's why I decided to change my old plastic toothbrush with this one @tu_brush eco-luxury.

The design is amazing, and unlike most toothbrushes, it doesn't hurt my gums." 

- Valerio Natale

Photographer & Influencer

Happiness 😁 mood when your new Tu brushes come through!


Out here doing my bit for the planet, eco friendly & soft soft!

The only brand I've tried that hasn't ripped my gums to pieces 

- Valencia Germain 

Model & Yogi

Discover TU BRUSH™

Superior comfort


Luxurious experience

Perfect for even sensitive gums

Cleans hard to reach places

Eco-friendly, great for our Earth


We've designed the perfect brush with an optimum head size: Great for cleaning hard to reach areas


Our stylish, durable, FDA Certified bamboo toothbrush is of the highest quality, it provides supreme comfort & never cuts the interior of your mouth


Our BPA FREE bristles have been tested for their durability and superior comfort


Using a fine mix of 40% nylon and 60% bamboo charcoal viscose, our soft ultra-comfort bristles are perfect for even sensitive gums





Our handles are 100% bio-degradable, eco-friendly & great for our Earth


We hire cancer survivors to help our TU BRUSH stay awesome

We only get one planet so let’s be more mindful and take better care of it. 

- Amy Christophers


Award winning Football Influencer, TV & Radio Presenter,  Football Columnist

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