Our Mission

No more suffering for you and me

Our mission is about having a better life for you and me.


We want fewer people to suffer from the harmful impacts of plastic pollution. 

Our Reason

We lost our loved ones

Unknown to many, plastic pollution plays a huge role in the rise of cancer patients over the last few decades.

The founders of TU BRUSH™ has lost their loved ones, family members & friends to the killer cancer over the years.


It has been heartbreaking and we wanted fewer people in the world to suffer like us.

Our Goal

Producing the best bamboo toothbrush ever

We started TU BRUSH™ to reduce the impact of plastic pollution and ultimately make the world a better place for everyone.

Our team works hard to ensure that our brushes are of the highest quality. 


This helps you to make the switch easily from conventional plastic toothbrushes.


Inferior bamboo toothbrushes make people go back to using plastic.


That's why we'll never compromise.

We will only provide the best experience.

Our Promise

A better life for you and me

Ultimately it is all about embracing a better life for you and me.

We can fight this plastic pollution demon together.


We can win this war!

With love,