Plastic Toothbrushes : Explained

Brushing teeth has been an integral part of our daily routine since the day we had those shiny teeth in our mouth. Brushing and flossing have become a mundane task which we forget about in our journey to be sustainable. But the toothbrush that we use to care for our teeth is actually incredibly important.There are over 4.7 billion plastic toothbrushes produced in a year. A staggering figure isn't it?

Once that plastic toothbrush is past its pre defined 'best before' date or when it becomes totally knackered, we throw it away without a second thought and that plastic toothbrush takes approximately 700 years to break down.

The problems with your plastic toothbrushes go beyond what happens after they are thrown away, it is the manufacturing process which is used to make the brush handles and bristles that impact our environment as well.

The handles for plastic toothbrushes are made from the hard plastics created from crude oil. The rubber which is used in the handle of your toothbrush is a combination of petroleum and crude oil, both non-renewable resources and are very dangerous for our environment.

After you land your toothbrush into the waste bin, it will go to a landfill and sit there comfortably for hundreds of years, before breaking down. It will start emitting harmful pollutants into our natural resources of soil and water and releasing the climate changing greenhouse gases. 

Plastic toothbrushes are more difficult to recycle than materials like bamboo as heat alone would not be enough to dissolve those plastic toothbrushes. The recycling process of plastic becomes easier only when different types of plastic are not mixed together. That is not the case in a conventional toothbrush. 

Another challenge in the plastic toothbrush recycle process is the large amount of dye, filler and other additives used in the plastic manufacturing process, they do make that plastic pliable but it is difficult to remove them during recycling.

It is high time we move away from plastic toothbrushes and move towards the greener, healthier and non-toxic options. So what are the options?

Tu Brush. The bamboo Tu Brush not only functions great but is environmentally responsible as well. Tu Brush is bio degradable and eco friendly, so unlike your little plastic toothbrush, they don't harm our environment the way conventional toothbrushes do. 

It is time we should start focusing on the little changes that we need to make in our daily lifestyles which can make a big difference to our health and our whole planet. So why should we deliberate more? Let's dump those plastic toothbrushes and take up a Tu Brush.

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