Sustainable gifting and why you should choose consciously

Occasions are a time of celebration and to mark occasions, gifting has become a norm in our culture. With gifting comes the flip side, negative impacts on the environment.

During major occasions such as Christmas, the world sees a major uptrend in e-waste (electronic waste) as people change out their old technology for newer versions. This causes significant social and environmental problems.

Global gifting behaviours are accompanied by tons of packaging waste. Most packaging waste is made of plastic which takes 700 years to break down and in its breaking down process causes a slew of micro-plastic poisoning to our wildlife and ecosystems.

Some businesses have gone on to contribute solutions to sustainable gifting such as producing gifts made up of recycled content or creating packaging made from alternatives to plastic.

Commitment to sustainability

At Tu Brush, our commitment to sustainability lies in our product design and packaging. Our boxes are made up of post-consumer recycled materials, our cards are made of FSC certified materials, we print with soy-based inks mixed with other environmentally friendly compounds like waxes and resins.

When we set out to design the Tu Brush, we designed its packaging with long-term reusability in mind.

When you gift a Tu Brush, you can be assured that both the gift and its packaging are helping the environment.

It's worth taking a step back for a moment to be more conscious of your consumption patterns so not to add to this wasteful cycle.

'If we want to move towards a low-polluting, sustainable society, we need to get consumers to think about their purchases.' - David Suzuki

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