The Art of Minimal Living

As we move ahead in our lives, we keep craving for more and more. More money, more room and more shopping but have you ever imagined living a life with less? Less stuff, less clutter, less stress and less discontent. A life with less distraction!

Now imagine leading a life with a different type of more. More time, more beautiful experiences, more interaction and more contribution. This is a rich as well as enriching life, a rich life that has nothing to do with wealth or accumulating things.

People think that a rich life means owning a lot of stuff. The truth is accumulating things only leads to more anxiety, stress and discontent. You will have a lot of stuff in the end but not a lot of happiness.

If you want to start living minimally then the following steps might help you:

Give yourself a personal goal

What do you think living a minimalist life means? It means de-cluttering your house, learning to live with less and not buying stuff that you don’t need.

You will need to focus on what you want and make a goal. Decide on what your real basic needs are.


Although painful, it will definitely help you lead a minimal life where you can recycle or donate old belongings that you really don’t need. Keeping the unimportant stuff away from you will take you closer to leading a simple life.

Ask yourself an important question...’Do I really need this’?

Swiping your credit card for everything you see is very easy but before doing that, think for a few seconds if you really do need those things. If you do need something, then buy one that is of good quality because quality never fails you. A good quality item will last you much longer and be worth your money.

Inferior quality products will just create more waste and more clutter since they get damaged easily and will not last you a long time. Once you start realising how important it is to choose good quality stuff always, it will be easy for you to avoid impulsive buying.

Use Consciously

Try to use only things that do not hurt the environment. Simply start from your home, from your daily essentials like a toothbrush. Instead of a plastic toothbrush which is toxic to the environment, buy our bamboo toothbrush which is completely bio-degradable. Some small changes can really go a very long way.

TU BRUSH is a high quality, minimalist toothbrush made from bamboo, a natural plant based material which is 100 percent bio-degradable and can be composted as well. Bamboo is a sustainable material that grows super quick so you don't have to worry about its impact on the environment.

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