The symbol of change

Change is ephemeral.

It is simply inevitable. Most of us can agree that change is the only constant. Some changes are for the best though our response to change may be gradual.

It is an inevitable dynamic in life

Some of us have experiences that amplify the fears and resistance towards this inevitable dynamic in life. We are quietly reminded on a moment to moment basis of the process of constant change, most consciously and subconsciously choose to resist the uncomfortableness of this inevitable. This opposition and resistance, no matter how slight, causes much suffering.

Understanding the deeper meaning

Change is triggered by cause and effect. To understand the deeper meaning of the cause of change is important because only then can people appreciate the effects of change.

When we embrace the change, when we try to look at the deeper meaning behind the change, we find that the direction of change unfolds a rewarding evolvement and growth. Rather than becoming overwhelmed or distraught over transitions in our lives, we can observe the change as a helpful effort for the future.

Becoming mindful of the deeper awareness

Our attitudes towards transition adjust with time and age. In our younger days, we may crave for change, as we grow with wisdom, we become mindful of the deeper awareness of things. We don’t create change just for the sake of change but reflect upon our actions thoughtfully to create a positive change, a change that has everlasting effects.

Tu Brush is a symbol of change

Tu Brush is for the change makers among us who are taking the next step in elevating their lives. Tu Brush signifies the dawn of a new era. An era where individuals consciously choose what is best for them and for the greater good. Tu Brush symbolises change from the practices of the past, creating a new beginning away from conventional plastic brushes that hurt our environment.

Now it is time for a positive change, a change that effects powerful influence. We invite you to contemplate what change means to you and in your life. It is worth a ponder what are the things you have to do when a change occurs. Have you gone ahead to embrace it?

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