The Ultimate Tu Brush Experience

"You are the generation that bought more shoes and you get what you deserve" Johnny Boy

When we buy things, we buy them for various reasons such as aesthetic, function, benefits, value or price.

Depending on what our reasons are, we should almost always never buy something based purely on price because of the age-old saying 'You get what you paid for'. Based on that theory, if you bought something priced really low, you can be almost sure that you would be getting a far more inferior product than one that is priced higher.

Other than pricing, we should always look for the value in our purchases. What is the value that item would have brought to your life, to those around you and to the greater good?


To make it all simple, our brand philosophy at Tu Brush is for each and every one of our valued Tu Brush users to enjoy what we call 'The Ultimate Tu Brush Experience'.

Other than giving you the best aesthetic and function of our toothbrushes, the ultimate Tu Brush experience focuses on the holistic aspect of your purchase beginning right from the origins of raw materials used to the experience of brushing with our fine bamboo toothbrushes.


At Tu Brush, we use only the best high quality bamboo from our finest bamboo farm which engages in fair treatment of the farmers and supports sustainable practices in the growing and cultivation of the bamboo. Bamboo being anti bacterial in nature requires no pesticides for its optimum growth.


We do not support child labour, low wage practices or tolerate any form of discrimination towards the people who help make Tu Brush awesome.

From our superbly strong and durable raw materials, premium eco packaging, soy-based inks all the way up to our carved toothbrushes, we focus on the sustainability of the ecosystem and the sustainability of our production process.


We would never want to compromise your health and safety thus all our toothbrushes are Food Drug Administration (FDA) certified and our bristles are BPA FREE because we understand the importance of being extremely careful about what we put inside our mouths.


We work round the clock to ensure that the experience felt while making your purchase with us is seamless and easy, we ensure that our courier delivery is efficient and arrives to you lovingly hand carried as promised in its pristine condition.


When people talk about their 'Ultimate Tu Brush Experience' they remember an experience which focuses on the key elements of touch, sight, scent and feel.

From the time our delivery man arrives at their doors, they will touch with their bare fingers the philosophy and values which we hold in the highest regards.


When you run your fingers across our signature white boxes and feel the tasteful thickness embossed on your box, you will feel an excitement and pride of being a proud Tu Brush owner and delight at the thought of what is to come next hidden within your box.

"The best way to truly understand narrative art is to experience it"

Have you experienced it for yourself yet?