Sustainability is the new way of life

Sustainable living is to reduce your demand on Earth's natural resources by replacing what you use to the best of your ability. That means not choosing to consume a product that is made using practices that don't promote sustainability or choosing how you do things so that you contribute to the solutions rather than to the problems.

Today's new generation are people who are becoming increasingly aware of the damage their lifestyles and choices have on earth, they are people who have become more mindful about the types of brands and products they choose to consume and support. They are smart and future-focused. Living sustainably is their new way of life, which can be a form of philanthropy for the future generations to come.

The new generation supports products made with renewable or recyclable materials. They commit to living an eco-friendly lifestyle by using reusable water bottles, buying recyclable cups and refraining from buying products from manufacturers that don't have sustainable practices.

They bring their own bags, choose re-usable items over single use ones and educate others on the importance of sustainability.

They support renewable energy sources, they carpool, bike share or choose to go car-free through public transport to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve our beautiful environment.

Tu Brush is the new way of life for the new generation

Protecting the earth is our sole purpose and it is time we work together to save the planet. Are you interested in making a difference on the planet? Tu Brush is our contribution to support a clean, environmentally friendly Earth. Gone are the days of conventional plastic toothbrushes.

Tu Brush started as an idea, a hope, to make the world a better place and through this did we develop the brush. Our premium bamboo toothbrush meets all of your must-haves and saves the planet at the same time.

It is the symbol of change for those who will lead the change for the next generation to come.

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