TU BRUSH™ is not just another bamboo toothbrush. Made with the finest bamboo, it is the ultimate eco-luxe bamboo toothbrush 

Our contribution to support a clean, environmentally friendly lifestyle started with our bamboo carved TU BRUSH™. Specially designed in the UK as a modern, fresh and stylish essential for the non-conformists who stand together for gone are the days of conventional plastic toothbrushes. We designed the TU BRUSH™ to stay in your mind. It is a prescription for change. 


Protecting the earth is our sole purpose and it is time we work together to save what's left. TU BRUSH™ is not for everyone. It is available only to the exclusive who are interested in making a difference on the planet. Our premium bamboo toothbrush meets all of your must-haves and saves the planet at the same time. TU BRUSH™ is a reality that continues to bring positive benefits to our earth, our health and to those in need. Just test the quality for yourself.


We wanted a simple toothbrush that is bio-degradable but could not find one with the quality to match.



We searched and we tested. We were disappointed. So we went to the drawing board and we created. Our team of researchers, product designers, engineers and artisans in the UK designed and conceptualised, they worked tirelessly to bring to life our TU BRUSH™. 


Inspired by the shape of the historical miswak branch, the first documented form of dental hygiene, TU BRUSH™ is delicately shaped with the right degree of curvature on our handles to provide the ideal grip and we have made it easy to understand for anyone willing to make a difference. 






At TU BRUSH™, we use only the best high-quality bamboo from our finest bamboo farm which engages in fair treatment of farmers and adopts sustainable practices in the growing and cultivation of the bamboo



From our superbly strong and durable raw materials, premium soy-based ink FSC certified eco-packaging, all the way up to our carved toothbrushes, we focus on the sustainability of the ecosystem and the sustainability of our production process


The handle of your plant-based TU BRUSH™ is made up of 100% bamboo which regenerates and grows every 2 months


Bamboo with its antibacterial properties requires no pesticides or insecticides during its growth, this is the natural organic raw material we have chosen for your TU BRUSH™ handles


Fusing form and function, your TU BRUSH™ handles are 100% bio-degradable. If you dispose it in the bin, you can be assured it is not piling up somewhere in a landfill or ocean


We understand the importance of being extremely careful about what we put inside our mouths thus all our toothbrushes are FOOD and DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) certified


The BPA FREE bristles are made up of bamboo charcoal fibres which provide unparalleled experience in:


  • Interdental Cleaning


  • Whitening


  • Antibacterial protection


  • Gum Comfort



We pride quality and service as our top priorities. We curate every one of our brushes to keep you safe and we are eager to offer a personalised experience



Our brand philosophy at TU BRUSH™ is for each and every one of our valued TU BRUSH™ users to enjoy what we call 'The Ultimate Tu Brush Experience'.


Other than giving you the best aesthetic and function of our toothbrushes, the ultimate TU BRUSH™ experience focuses on the holistic aspect of your purchase beginning right from the origins of raw materials used to the experience of brushing with our fine bamboo toothbrushes.




At TU BRUSH™, we use only the best high-quality bamboo from our finest bamboo farm which engages in fair treatment of the farmers and supports sustainable practices in the growing and cultivation of the bamboo. Bamboo being antibacterial in nature requires no pesticides for its optimum growth.




We do not support child labour, low wage practices or tolerate any form of discrimination towards the people who help make TU BRUSH™ awesome.




We would never want to compromise your health and safety thus all our toothbrushes are Food Drug Administration (FDA) certified and our bristles are BPA FREE because we understand the importance of being extremely careful about what we put inside our mouths.




We work round the clock to ensure that the experience felt while making your purchase with us is seamless and easy, we ensure that our registered air delivery is efficient. We have packed your TU BRUSH™ in a reusable bag that can be used for storing your TU BRUSH™ on the go or for your other daily essentials. 


We also know that gifts are personal and reflect your values within. TU BRUSH™ is a meaningful gift that can be personalised with a gift card to show your friends, loved ones or clients that you truly care. We make it uniquely yours.